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Community Dialogue Report:

As part of my PhD research I facilitated a small-group intercultural community dialogue in 2011. Participants of this group discussed some of the barriers which communities and cultural groups in contemporary Australia face in connecting with other groups and communities. They also created a list of goals which would help to overcome these barriers. From the dialogue the group created a report outlining their thoughts and stories. Download a copy of the CDD Community Dialogue Report here.

Peace Skills Facilitator's Guide:

The Peace Skills Facilitator's Guide was designed as a resource for schools and youth organisations to run conflict resolution workshops. It contains a variety of experiential learning activities and tips for facilitating and debriefing the activities. The guide was developed as part of the Young People for Peace project by Brisbane City Council and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Download  the Peace Skills Facilitator Guide (YPfP) here.

Publications and conference presentations:

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