Mediation & Coaching


"I believe our role as mediators is not simply to settle conflicts or fashion agreements, but to create choices. I believe the choice of whether to agree or settle a dispute belongs to the parties, not the mediators."

Kenneth Cloke, 2001

As a mediator I have experienced a range of different approaches to mediation over the years. I have worked as a conciliator for the Residential Tenancies Authority Queensland in a high-volume environment with short turn-around times for conciliations. I have also provided ongoing mediation services for clients over a number of months in an unhurried approach to mediation. 

I am fully trained in facilitative, transformative and narrative mediation and have incorporated techniques from these approaches into my personal style. This gives me a broad range of conflict intervention tools to draw from. In addition, I have facilitated restorative conferences and multi-party mediations. I am flexible in my approach and provide mediation services tailored to my clients’ needs. I am a nationally accredited mediator with the Australian Mediation Association (AMA) and a Practitioner Member of the Resolution Institute as well as a member of Restorative Practices International (RPI).

Sometimes it is impossible to get all parties to the table for a mediation. In these cases, and in situations in which clients need to prepare for important negotiations or participation in other conflict resolution processes I provide support through conflict and leadership coaching. If I work with you as a conflict coach I can assure you, that I will approach your situation with curiosity and genuine interest to explore the different perspectives together with you to find constructive ways forward.

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