Conflict Resolution & Dialogue

Conflict is universal to all human relationships and to all cultures, but it is experienced differently by every individual. It is a sign of human energy and can be a catalyst for change and renewal. It can result from competition over limited resources, differences in perception, and seemingly incompatible interests and values. Creative dialogue is a way to negotiate these multiple realities and to create shared understanding across difference. 

My work as a conflict resolution practitioner is focused on creating opportunities for constructive conversations, in which people can learn more about each other and develop creative ideas on how to improve or transform their relationships. On this website I invite you to explore my practice in group facilitation, mediation, training and consulting. 

Find out more about creating constructive conflict engagement through innovative facilitation and research methods such as Creative Dialogue & Design (CDD), World Café Conversations, Appreciative Inquiry and Action Research.

And please contact me to discuss how I can assist you and your organisation. I am based in Brisbane, Australia.

Serge Loode

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